I've been receiving focused treatments at the Wellness Center with Beth since it opened in September. Beth is great at alleviating any back issues I may be experiencing, but even better, she's been able to bring my lifelong struggle with migraines under control! I highly recommend the services provided at the center!


I started my journey with acpuncture about 2 years ago. I have multiple sclerosis and my pain level was about an 8 out of 10 very day all day. I was desperate to find some type of relief that did not include prescription medication. I started seeing Nancy, she was so calm, loving, and supportive, and after weeks of treatment my pain was almost gone, and my symptoms of depression, shakiness, foggy head were so much better. I still have MS and from time to time I still have pain, but my overall quality of life is amazing now and I feel it has to do with my on going acupuncture treatments. I still get a treatment at least once a week to keep myself in check. I can see any of the Acupuncturists now, they are all wonderful. I'm so thankful that I found Salem Community Acupuncture!


I first came to Salem Community Acupuncture looking for a more natural and holistic approach to treating my chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. I have been seeing Kulsoom for many months now and from the very beginning I felt cared for, nurtured, and comfortable. My treatment plan was thoughtful and it really catered to what I could handle when I could handle it. Over the span of time I have been going there my chronic pain, that I have had for years, is nearly completely gone. I have also been gently guided into insights that have made a dramatic impact on the improvement of my mental health. My overall wellbeing has improved immensely. I am so very grateful to have found such a wonderful place with such wonderful people and I plan to continue to get acupuncture as part of my regular self-care regimen.


My name is Jay W Smith Jr., age 88. I began Sept 2011 twice a week. I was referred by my doctor for peripheral neuropathy in my hands and from knees down to both feet. In the first year the problem in the hands was healed. I now only have a problem with the bottoms of my feet and toes. During this time I had other problems solved: back, shoulders, stomach and general health improvements. I now get treatments once a week.

- Jay W. Smith

SCA is my first experience with acupuncture. I was a little nervous at my first appointment, a month ago, and was a little skeptical about how well it would work, but I have become convinced at its efficacy and comfortable with the process. The needles are small and the SCA acupuncturists are careful and knowledgeable ; I barely notice the needles going in.
SCA is able to keep its costs low and provide a wonderfully comfortable space at the same time : unlike at a doctors office, there is one big room with about a dozen recliners. The idea of being with strangers bothered me when I first came, but it was fine. The recliners are arranged in a way that feels private, and the lights are low. The huge benefit to this layout I would not have foreseen is that there is no time limit to how long I stay, and the quiet music, soothing room, comfortable recliner, and the relief from the acupuncture all work together to give me rest from a busy day. It's lovely.
I have a chronic health condition, and complete relief from that will take some time, but one day I came in with a bad cold and complete congestion and Kulsoom, my acupuncturist, instantly cured my congestion ! And what's more, the relief lasted for two days! So some treatments are obviously wonderful right off. I was extremely impressed when my acupuncturist recognized and was able to give me help for a condition that my doctors were baffled at. I could go on for a long time,but here are a few last thoughts. You can make appointments online. The acupuncturists are licensed and trained in an extensive four-year program. And the clinic is a place of peace.