Our Treatment


At Salem Community Acupuncture Project we believe that healing is a journey. We understand that you value treating problems holistically, and we aim to support your process.

When you are in pain, you do not just want to take a pill to “fix” it. You are interested in healing the root causes to resolve the issue at its source.

Although you may use practices that help you feel better, you also want the support of a compassionate, knowledgeable ally on your path toward wellness. We are excited to be a part of your healing journey!

Our treatment process has two stages.

First, we focus on treating the primary issue, working to heal the root cause of pain or stress. On average, this journey takes eight to twelve treatments for significant change. In this first phase, you will gradually start to feel better, have more energy, experience a decrease in pain and discomfort, and enjoy more restful sleep. Your overall sense of calm and well-being will increase as your body adjusts to the shifts and balancing of energy within your whole being.

The second phase begins when the acute symptoms have resolved. The focus becomes maintaining your new-found wellness. Each person’s plan is different. Together we determine what you need to maintain wellness for life.

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