I’ve been receiving focused treatments at the Wellness Center with Beth since it opened in September. Beth is great at alleviating any back issues I may be experiencing, but even better, she’s been able to bring my lifelong struggle with migraines under control! I highly recommend the services provided at the center!”


“I started my journey with acpuncture about 2 years ago. I have multiple sclerosis and my pain level was about an 8 out of 10 very day all day. I was desperate to find some type of relief that did not include prescription medication. I started seeing Nancy, she was so calm, loving, and supportive, and after weeks of treatment my pain was almost gone, and my symptoms of depression, shakiness, foggy head were so much better. I still have MS and from time to time I still have pain, but my overall quality of life is amazing now and I feel it has to do with my on going acupuncture treatments. I still get a treatment at least once a week to keep myself in check. I can see any of the Acupuncturists now, they are all wonderful. I’m so thankful that I found Salem Community Acupuncture!”


“Gentle Yoga with Beth at the Wellness Center on Friday mornings has been a great discovery in my 60s. Having no prior experience with yoga I find the guidance and instruction to be very accommodating to my needs. The results are noticeable and exciting in how my body and spirit are prepared for the week ahead!”