Acupuncture Services

Holistic, patient-focused acupuncture to heal your pain and stress!

When you are in pain, you do not just want to take a pill to “fix” it.  You are interested in healing the root causes to resolve the issue at it’s source.

Although you may use practices that help you feel better, you also want the support of a compassionate, knowledgeable ally on your path toward wellness.


That is what we do at Salem Community Acupuncture Project!

We believe that healing is a journey.  We understand that you value treating problems holistically, and we aim to support your process.

At Salem Community Acupuncture Project we take your whole person into account as we select a course of treatment.  Your input and feedback are vital to the process.


The type of health issues we address…

-Spinal: low back pain, hip pain, upper back pain, neck pain and tension

-Digestion: allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, discomfort

-Feminine: menstrual issues, hormone imbalances, fertility support, pregnancy support, menopause

-Headaches: cluster headaches, migraines, headaches caused by allergies, tension headaches

-Nervous System: stress, depression, anxiety, mood imbalances, fatigue


The results you can expect!

Our treatment process has two stages.

First, we focus on treating the primary issue, working to heal the root cause of pain or stress.  On average, this journey takes eight to twelve treatments for significant change.  In this first phase, you will gradually start to feel better, have more energy, experience a decrease in pain and discomfort, and enjoy more restful sleep.  Your overall sense of calm and well-being will increase as your body adjusts to the shifts and balancing of energy within your whole being.

The second phase begins when the acute symptoms have resolved.  The focus becomes maintaining your new-found wellness.  Each person’s plan is different.  Together we determine what you need to maintain wellness for life.


Two Acupuncture Treatment Options:

Community recliners: our treatment room has low lighting and sixteen comfortable recliner chairs.  Here you meet with a licensed, certified acupuncturist to discuss your needs and progress.  After this consultation, we insert practically painless needles on the front of your body in areas on your head, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, and below your knees (you remain clothed the entire treatment).  Then you rest quietly for as long as you want, some people even fall asleep and that’s okay with us.  We recommend resting for at least 30 minutes, but your body will let you know when you are done resting.  We provide pillows and light blankets for added comfort.  When you are done resting the acupuncturist will remove your needles.  Your treatment is complete!

Community treatment tables: the treatment process of tables is similar to the recliners.  The main differences include providing semi-private screened rooms where you can disrobe somewhat if needed, and inserting needles on the back of the body.  This option is recommended especially for patients with unresolved chronic issues on the neck, back, and/or hips.  Based on your specific needs these sessions may also include limited tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, gua sha, and electrical stimulation.


Payment options:

Our center uses the community acupuncture model which creates affordability, accessibility, and a collective healing community for all.

We operate on a sliding scale fee which allows you to pay what you are able.  We strive to provide the highest level of care and healing to all, regardless of one’s ability to pay.  Our sliding scale fees range from $30-$60 per treatment in the Community Clinic where treatments are performed in recliners (most acupuncturists charge on average $125 for a 60-minute appointment in a private setting). New patient fees in the community clinic is a flat fee of $50. Focused therapeutic treatments performed on treatment tables cost $45-$75 per treatment. These treatments involve acupuncture and an additional modality.  If you are able to afford the higher end of the sliding scale fee, it subsidizes those who cannot afford the cost of treatment.  We believe that when every person’s well-being is supported, we all benefit!

Summary of Fees:
New Patient, Community Acupuncture – $50
Follow up Community Acupuncture – $30-$60
Follow up, Focused Therapeutic Treatment – $45-$75

Note: First-time patients will be assessed a flat fee, rather than the sliding scale, because there is additional time involved to establish care.


Begin your journey toward healing today!

If you are ready to resolve your underlying causes of pain and stress, please click on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the bottom of the page or call 503-798-2918 now!

We look forward to beginning your healing journey together!